Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys' Association

The Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys' Association was
to promote study and research in the field of             criminal defense law and the related areas; to disseminate by lecture, seminars and publications the advance of the knowledge of the law as it relates to the field of criminal defense practice; to promote the proper administration of justice; to foster, maintain and encourage the integrity, independence and expertise of the defense lawyer in criminal cases; and, to foster periodic meetings of the defense lawyers and to provide a forum for the material exchange of information regarding the administration of criminal justice and thereby concern itself with the protection of individual rights and the improvement of criminal law, its practice and procedures.
MCDAA's membership includes both attorneys and associated professionals throughout Maryland. Membership is vital to support a number of MCDAA's programs and initiatives throughout the year.

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Anti Discrimination Policy
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 MCDAA Webinar Series

Defending Victims of Police Misconduct:
Challenging Police Credibility, Misconduct, and Overreach

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Courtroom Veterans Confess:
Lessons from a Lifetime of Trials and Errors

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Cross Examination Tips

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End of Legislative Session Report
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